C. Hall Jones & Associates

Education and Training Consultants
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Dr. C. Hall “Skip” Jones founded the consulting firm of C. Hall Jones & Associates in 1989. 

C. Hall Jones & Associates works to successfully and effectively to:


  • Conduct needs assessments and design, develop, deliver, and evaluate online and onsite education and training courses and programs.
  • Conduct workshops on "How to Design, Develop, Deliver, and Evaluate Effective Online Courses."
  • Work with education and training organizations to enhance their capabilities in the areas of adult education, distance learning, and online course and program design, development, delivery, and evaluation.
  • Utilize statistical analysis techniques to verify the effectiveness of education and training courses and programs.

C. Hall Jones & Associates is a professional services organization dedicated to:

  • Accountability. We are totally accountable for delivering on our promises and keeping our commitments.
  • Commitment. We develop relationships that make a positive difference to our clients, make our clients the focus of everything we do, and strive for excellence and continuous improvement and innovation by embracing change and diversity. When we identify goals we are committed to meeting them. We execute with diligence and efficiency and take pride in going above and beyond.
  • Continuous Improvement. We set ambitious goals, stretch to meet them, and then raise the bar again and again. We believe that everything can be done better and more effectively in a learning environment.
  • Innovation. We challenge conventional thinking and encourage new ideas that challenge the status quo. We are constantly seeking to involve every available mind in the success of our projects.
  • Integrity. We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions. We treat our client's reputation as our own and constantly strive to make wise use of their time and resources. Fair practice is the hallmark of our company.
  • Passion for Excellence. We choose to be a leader in serving our clients. To sustain our leadership we relentlessly seek to improve our performance. We bring urgency to every business challenge and opportunity, anticipate change, and shape it to our client's advantage.
  • Quality. We provide unsurpassed service and outstanding products that deliver premium value that exceeds our client's expectations.
  • Teamwork. We win by thinking and acting together as a team with our client's. We listen to our clients and exhibit an uncommon ability to work together across boundaries to meet their needs and expectations.


C. Hall Jones & Associates
HC-13, Box 300653
Fayette, Utah 84630
Phone: 321-652-3610

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