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Course Design

C. Hall Jones & Associates understands that the primary challenge in the design of an education or training course or program is to set aside the designers interests and direct the process toward the learner(s). The designer must think in terms of what the learner(s) will be required to be capable of doing, demonstrating, or explaining at the completion of their training.

The learning objective is always expressed in terms of learner behavior. An effective learning objective always starts with a phrase similar to “By the end of this training, the learner(s) will be able to … “

There are five points that must be incorporated into any learning objective:

  • The learning objective must be performance based.
  • The learning objective must be clear and not be subject to misinterpretation.
  • The primary responsibility for learning must be on the learners themselves.
  • The training activities must be action-oriented and must demonstrate whether or not the lesson has been successfully learned.
  • The end result must be observable and measurable.

Each of the three primary learning domains has its own hierarchy:

  • Cognitive (knowledge and retention)
  • Affective (behavior and attitude)
  • Psychomotor (skills and performance)

The designer is obligated to provide an education and training session that will include seven components that address all three of the learning domains:

  • An explanation and a demonstration by the trainer.
  • The use of specific learner activities requiring active involvement on the part of the learners.
  • Providing learning aids for the learners.
  • Ensuring that the education and training takes place as much as possible in an actual, or an effectively simulated, work setting.
  • The preparation and use of proper and effective evaluation tools and/or processes to evaluate the performance of each learner.
  • The establishment of a realistic time frame for the learning to take place.
  • The establishment and communication of clear, objective, measurable, observable, and reasonable criteria for success.


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