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Course Evaluation

C. Hall Jones & Associates understands that the primary goal of the evaluation process is to improve learning and performance. This is achieved by assessing the extent to which the education and training course or program objectives have been met. As such, evaluation is a form of quality assurance.

The assessment of learning must occur in the broader contexts of reaction, behavior, and results. Evaluation answers the question “Did it really work here?”

An education and training course or program evaluation process concentrates on the effectiveness of five areas:

  1. The quality of the instruction given.
  2. The quality of the learning environment.
  3. The quality of the course materials.
  4. The knowledge and/or skills gained by the learners at the completion of the course or program.
  5. The knowledge and/or skills retained by the learners at a later point in time. Evaluations conducted at a later date can determine the actual effectiveness of the training course or program at improving performance in the actual work setting over time.

Evaluation tools and techniques can include:

  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires
  • Checklists
  • Inventories
  • Rating scales
  • Interviews (individual and/or group)
  • Focus groups
  • Personal records kept at the evaluator’s request (diaries, logs, etc.)
  • Course evaluations
  • Program evaluations
  • Participant evaluations
  • Testing (knowledge and/or skills)
  • Statistical analysis


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