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How to Design, Develop, Deliver, and Evaluate Effective Online Courses


Instructor: Dr. C. Hall “Skip” Jones
Meeting Hours: 32 hours
Course Overview: This workshop is designed to be an interactive hands-on 4-day experience covering the design, development, delivery, and evaluation of an effective online course.
Course Objectives: The attendees will use the supplied workbook to actually design and develop an effective online course. Methods for effective delivery and evaluation will also be presented and discussed.
Course Materials: All required workshop materials are included with the course and distributed to the attendees at the time of the workshop.


  • Workshop Introduction 
  • Orientation to Online Teaching and Learning
  • Elements of an Effective Online Course
  • Language and Writing Style
  • Visual Design
  • Engaging the Online Learner
  • Activities and Tools: Working Collaboratively and Independently
  • Resources that Engage Online Learners
  • Course Assessment and Feedback
  • Building the Course Foundation: Outcomes, Syllabus, and Course Outline
  • Creating the Course Structure: Online Lessons
  • Writing Lesson Outcomes
  • Using the Course Standards Checklist
  • The Learning Management System (LMS)




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